You are receiving this form because

• you are suspected of being infected with SARS-CoV-2
• you have tested positive for Corona

To prevent possible further spread of the disease, it is necessary that you disclose ALL persons with whom you have had direct contact 48 hours prior to symptom onset or before the collection of the sample until now. Please enter all persons in the list provided (e.g. persons in your own household, family members, friends, work colleagues, etc.) and submit it to your local district administrative authority as soon as possible.
If you cannot fill in some fields because you do not know the data, such as the exact name,
- we request that you inquire directly with the persons in question or
- give us the name of an informed contact person (employer, shift supervisor, personnel department, trainer ....)

In any case, please try to provide the phone number and e-mail address. Only with complete contact information are we able to take the necessary measures in a timely manner. Please think of contacts in the family, among friends, at work, in leisure time, etc. Some people find it helpful to look through their calendar.

We thank you in advance for your accurate information and ask you to fill out the form on your computer or cell phone (save the file locally and use e.g. the program "Adobe Reader" for editing). By doing so, you will make a significant contribution to preventing the further spread of the disease. In the "Type and location of contact" field, you can provide additional information on exactly how the contact took place. We thank you for your cooperation!

Please enter your PIN-ID and your birthdate. Please find the PIN-ID on the first page of the notice of the district administrative authority.

In accordance with Austrian data-protection laws we inform you that the personal information above will be processed.

Detailed information regarding the processing of your data , your rights and your right of appeal can be found under abrufbar.

General information about data protection can be found online under